Stock Take

Stock Take

Stocktaking is one of those chores which all business have to do, but which everybody hates.

We have engineered our stocktaking process to be simple and easy to use, which helps customers save time and money.

Step 1 - Stock Snapshot

The first step in a stock take, is creating a snapshot of the current stock levels. The snapshot allows the system to calculate the difference between original stock and the counted items.

Step 2 - Stock Count

Counting the stock quantities of every product in your shop, is the second step in a stock take. The stock levels can be either entered manually or using a barcode hand-held terminal (BHT), to scan the product barcodes.

Once the products have been scanned, you can import the data into the system using a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

Step 3 - Stock Compare

Once the stock has been counted, the third step in a stock take is comparing the counted quantities against the stock snapshot. Comparing the counted stock against the snapshot provides a discrepancy report, highlighting any products which have different stock levels.

Step 4 - Stock Update

Updating your stock levels is the final step in a stock take. Although our system can update your stock levels automatically, some customers prefer to recheck the stock and update the figures manually.

Posted on August 9th 2009 - 16:14:29

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