Retail Point Of Sale (POS)

Retail Point Of Sale (POS)

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eTill Point of Sale has been designed to be a smooth flowing Epos solution that is visually clear and easy to use, even for novice computer users.

The fully integrated nature of eTill allows you to see real time sales and instant stock adjustments that will keep you in the picture with reliable, up to the minute information.

Effective Retail Epos could not be easier as the solution encompasses the functionality of retail with the fast changing trends of the Retail retail industry.

Retail Point of Sale main features:

Quick and simple to use Quick and simple to use
Point of Sale procedures are carried out with minimal number of keystrokes that are clearly defined on both the screen and keyboard.
Look-ups and Searching Look-ups and Searching
Staff can easily search for products by using a number of search criteria to find or look-up items without barcodes or PLU identifiers.
Barcode scanning or Manual entry Barcode scanning or Manual entry
You can scan barcoded products or enter PLU numbers that identify products.
  Retail Functionality
eTill Epos incorporates retail functions such as; Return/Exchange items, Pre-set and Open discounts, Petty cash control, X read report summaries, Blind declaration Z reads, Add-Sale messages and much more.
On-screen stock availability On-screen stock availability
The on-screen stock and availability removes the need to ‘check the stockroom’ for a particular item that may not be on the shelf without the cashier leaving the till point.
Security and Login Security and Login
Define individual cashier authorisation for high security functions that can be restricted when cashiers login to the system.
Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes
eTill will produce vouchers and credit notes that are identified by a barcode improving security and producing full auditing.
Multiple tenders Multiple tenders
When completing transactions up-to seven different payment types can be used in part or multiple payment methods.
View images View images
If accessory items are too small to label or in high volume you can cross-reference these items using on-screen images to confirm their stock identity.

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Retail Point Of Sale (POS) related topics:

Credit Notes and Gift VouchersCredit Notes and Gift Vouchers
eTill point of sale can generate credit notes and gift vouchers with a unique barcode and serial number using the receipt printer attached to the till. Our system provides an accurate audit of all credit notes and gift vouchers and ensures they are not reused or forged. Credit notes are often given to customers when items are returned in a unsatisfactory condition....

Hotkeys are useful for quickly selling items or services, which are not barcoded, such as carrier bags, gift wrapping or admission fees. Any product you have created in the stock system, can be assigned to a hot key for fast access during a transaction, on the point of sale....

Multiple Payment TendersMultiple Payment Tenders
When completing a transaction, eTill allows you to use multiple payment methods to fulfil the outstanding balance. Customers can pay for items, partly with cash and pay the remaining balance with a credit or debit card. They can even pay with two or more credit or debits, using integrated chip and pin....

Staff SecurityStaff Security
The security module allows you to control which features, of the point of sale and back office, each staff member can access. You can create any number of security groups, each with different security settings and assign them to each staff member as required. Operators can login to the till using either barcoded key cards or a username and password....