Stock Ticketing

Stock Ticketing

The eTill Ticket Printing module is used to create and print Barcode Ticket Labels which will be attached to your products.

The Ticket Printer module is very easy to use and is included with eTill Back Office as standard.

Stock Ticketing main features:

Customisable Barcodes
You can select up to 6 different Product Fields to be printed out on each label
Standard A4 Printers
40 Labels per sheet; 65 Labels per sheet; 14 Labels per sheet; 27 Labels per sheet, or customise your own barcodes.
  Select Printed Fields
Category, Department, Description, Price, SKU, PLU, etc
Dedicated Barcode Printers Dedicated Barcode Printers
40mm x 25mm label; 45mm x 45mm and Swing Ticket labels.
Sort the Barcodes Sort the Barcodes
Sort by PLU, Description, Category, Department, etc
Purge Barcodes Purge Barcodes
You can either purge all or selected barcodes from the list.
Print Options Print Options
Print all barcodes or only selected barcodes.
Select Printer
Use a normal standard printer or a dedicated barcode printer to print out the barcodes.
Remake Barcodes Remake Barcodes
You can also Remake Barcodes on the Fly. This means that if you need more barcodes you simply need to select the product and then enter the number of barcodes you want to create.

Posted on August 7th 2009 - 15:35:24

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