Write Offs

Write Offs

A write off allows you to deduct any stock that cannot be sold to customers or be returned to the suppliers. For example, stock that has been damaged, lost or stolen.

Some retailers like to keep records of how much stock they write off, so they can use this as part of stock takes or audits.

eTill allows you to track all stock that has been written off over time, do you can have a clear 'picture' or history of all stock that has been damaged, lost or stolen, etc.

eTill Write Offs Features:

  • Easy To Use - Anyone can use the write offs module without much training.
  • Unlimited Write Offs - Add as many write offs as you want. No limitations.
  • Write Offs History - Keep track of all your write offs over time.
  • Print Write Offs Reports - You can also print out reports for all the Write Offs you create.

Posted on August 10th 2009 - 12:53:22

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