Stock Control Features

Here are some of the key Stock Control Features:

Stock Levels at Multiple stock locations

With our easy to use interface you can process hundreds of products within minutes. Our product file allows you to repeat and clone product information with a single click of the mouse button, reducing repetitive data entry and saving you time.

Another great feature of eTill is the fact that your can track stock levels for multiple shops in real-time.

Forward and Repeat Order processing

Forward orders can be processed while at trade shows or on your return, so when the stock is delivered it can be quickly booked in and barcodes produced.

Keeping track of stock deliveries provides you with accurate 'sell-thru' figures and any highlights any items not received from the supplier.

Flexible Barcode Printing and Tagging

With eTill you can customise your own barcodes to include your own logos, images of the item, add text to include other details of the product such as price, description, category, department, PLU & SKU.

You can also 'tag supplier barcode to items so you do not need to print barcodes at all.

Remote Access and Multi User Operation

With the use of broadband technology you can access the database from your home, on the road and a the other locations so you can always know how trade is without being in the shop.

Our client access solution allows up to 200 users to perform different tasks at the same time from multiple computers.

Real Time (live) Reporting Analysis

All the data processed and stored on the back office is real time, so if a till or web transaction is carried out eTill updates stock and sales data instantly after each transaction.

As we have developed our solutions with feedback from our ever growing customer base, we have released a comprehensive range of reports pertinent to the retail industry.

With eTill you can also create and customise your own reports using the in-built SQL report writer and export to various file formats for use with accountancy packages.

Step by Step Stock Take Procedure

Performing Stock Takes could not be easier, eTill has a four-step stock taking process that allows you to trade whilst a count is underway.

Stock counts can be carried out manually or by using a wide range of Barcode Handheld Terminals (BHT).

Price adjustments and Promotions

When you want to run a end of season sale you can simply add products to a promotion by brand, department, category etc. without reticking. For multi branch solutions you cans set different prices for different shops or areas.

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