EPOS - Electronic Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

EPOS - Electronic Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

Simple & Quick Transaction Processing

touch screenWith our easy to use POS interface, operators can complete transactions within a few screen or key presses.

POS software can be used with Touch Screen terminals or standard PC/laptop keyboard configurations.


In Screen Stock & Item Detail

barcodeWhilst at the till point, operators can access stock information at the touch of a button or by scanning an item to check for stock levels and item information. This prevents cashiers from having to leave the Point of Sale area to manually check stock levels of an item.


Barcoded Credit Notes & Gift Vouchers

gift vouchereTill POS can generate Credit Notes and Gift Vouchers with a unique barcode using the receipt printer. This feature provides an accurate audit of notes & vouchers and ensures notes and vouchers are not re-used or forged.


Multi Level, Item & Transaction Discounts

saleStock prices beyond promotions can be adjusted while transaction is carried out, individual item discounts or whole transaction discounts can easily be applied to sales if permitted. All manual price adjustments are recorded with reasons and applied to cashiers for reporting and security purposes.

Controlled Cashier Security Level

securityOperator login can be carried out with scan cards or cashier codes, different security levels can be assigned to cashiers to restrict or enable specific functions at the Point of Sale.


Fully Integrated Chip & Pin Solution

eTill is certified for use with Ocius integrated (linked) Chip & Pin solutions, this new web-based payment service reduces operating costs compared to conventional chip and pin termails and ensures correct amounts are debited on card transactions.


Posted on August 9th 2009 - 14:16:43

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