Chip And Pin Benefits

Pin PadPre-approved Chip and Pin Solution

A unique pre-approved card payment solution that brings affordability and rich functionality to the point of sale for card payment acceptance.


EasyChip & Pin - Simple but Powerful

Designed with simplicity and powerful processing at the heart of the solution – it is the leading PC based credit card processing solution on the market today.


AdaptableAdaptable Chip & Pin solution

The adaptable solution can be utilised in a stand-alone or fully integrated environment, making it suitable for an international high street retailer with multiple outlets to an independent retailer.


MagswipeUnique Advantage - integrated to your PoS system

As the Ocius for PCs software resides on the point of sale, it has the unique advantage of utilising the PoS processor rather than a traditional Chip and PIN terminal to power through transactions in seconds. Add to this the ability to print receipts via the PoS printer and the user-friendly key-pad to enter the customer’s PIN code and Ocius for PCs will streamline your PoS approach.


SupportChip and Pin Technical Support, Access and Reporting

chip and pin help and supportPowerhouse processing in the background using Commidea’s ICP hosted credit card processing system, a large technical support team and access to an advanced web based reporting tool to analyse card payment transactions, completes the cycle to ensure this is not just a Chip & PIN terminal but a total credit card payment processing solution.


Top UpE-Top Up Transactions and Contactless Payments

Ocius for PCs also has the functionality to accept E-Top Up transactions and contactless payments by simply connecting a contactless payment device.

Posted on February 14th 2010 - 01:21:52

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